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This is who i was telling you to get a hold of for your house that does AWESOME work!!
Angela R. (A comment on our Facebook Page)

Don't you love it when a cleaning service does what it is supposed to do! Busy Moms...give yourself the gift of a clean house...you deserve it.
Barbara W.

Amazing!! Chris and Andrea cleaned all my carpets and erased the stains from ten years, three kids, one husband, two dogs and endless river parties. C and M is my new best friend! They even got my bedroom back to white carpet. Thank you !!
Cindy O.

Chris and Andrea just left...another FANTASTIC job. Removed 13 years of wear and tear from our tile floors. Tile and grout looks like new! Thanks!
Dale L.

We are very happy with the excellent job cleaning our tile floors.
Glenn L.

I'm ready for the holidays and my carpet looks incredible AND my tile and grout look brand new! Thanks to Chris and C & M Carpet Cleaning!
Becky G.

C & M carpet cleaning did an outstanding job!
They were courteous and professional. Especially kind and efficient. They went above and beyond to make the carpets super clean and look new again. We were extremely satisfied with the quality of work they provided. After the cleaning it was bright and light, smelled good and got super soft. I would highly recommend their services.
Sabrina H.

“He was wonderful. He’s very friendly, answers all your questions. He showed up on time and did a wonderful job. The carpet dried quickly and even when a spot came back he held to his warranty and came back to clean it again.”
— Beth L., Lake Jackson

“I think they’re great, I really do. We’re going to call them every year from now on.”
— Donald V., Lake Jackson

“They made it fun! They constantly worked and got the job done. I really enjoyed working with them and I will call them again the next time.”
— Nancy W., Richwood

“He did an excellent job. We will definitely use them again. They were very protective of the furniture and baseboards.”
— Randy P,, Lake Jackson

“It was fantastic. They were very nice, they were on time, they were exactly what I asked for. The floors were perfect.”
— Janet S., Lake Jackson

“I think they’re wonderful. There were a couple of tough places, but I called them to retreat it and after they did, it looked great.”
— Linda B., Lake Jackson

"I thought they were great. I've used them for several years. They do very good work, and they don't nickel and dime you."
— Darryl C., Lake Jackson

"They did a god job---they were determined to do a good job. They set the equipment up and worked real hard at it and then Chris told me when he got done,'Hey if a spot comes back, just call us and we'll come back because sometimes spots can be in the backing and padding and can resurface.'" "They came back and knocked the spots out they thought would come back. I don't know how you can ask any better than that. That's pretty good service in my mind."
— Mark D., Bay City
"They do a great job, I trust them in my house and if you get in a bind at the last minute, they try to accommodate you. I've even give it as a gift for one of my friends and my daughter."
— Sandy and Joe J., Freeport

"They cleaned a sofa and loveseat that were probably 18 to 20 years old and it came out fantastic! They do excellent work, they're very courteous, they're clean and I have recommended them to other people already."
— Anneta S., Brazoria

"I just think they're about the greatest! He's (Chris) been with me for I don't know how many years. I have rent houses and he does those. I think he's about the best."
— Melvie C., Sweeny

"I'm very satisfied with the service I received from C&M Carpet Cleaning. Chris was very courteous, he was on time, and my carpets looked great. I plan to use him again in the future."
— Kay P., Especially for You, Angleton

"We were pleased with C&M Carpet Cleaning, Chris was able to get out some stains that had been in our carpet for a long time. Because our carpet is difficult to clean, he made time in his schedule the next day to come back out and finish the job to our request. He was very responsive, and we will call him again when we need our carpets cleaned."
— Vicky W., West Columbia

"I've used C&M Carpet Cleaning services for 30-plus years and I've always been satisfied. They are always very polite and efficient and always arrive on time, I highly recommend them!"
— Mildred G., West Columbia

“We have been in desperate need twice in the last 12 months when our office has flooded. On both occasions Chris dropped whatever he was doing and was here in 30 or 45 minutes to help us. I would highly recommend him. I also use him at my house. He just does a fantastic job.”
— Carolyn H., Dr. Michael McCann’s office, Brazoria

“I had my carpets cleaned by someone else two years ago and it was a disaster. I called Chris and he was excellent. I have a lot of carpet in the house and he made it look brand new. I have been very pleased with C&M Carpets.”
— Sheri H., Brazoria

“He’s very professional, organized and does an all-around excellent job. He has a 30-day guarantee on spots, and when we had a few spots come back, he immediately came back out and took care of them. This was the first time we’ve used him and we’ll continue using him in the future. I’m even planning to use Chris at my personal residence, as well.”
— Melanie G., Children’s Advocacy Center, Angleton

“I thought my carpets were toast until Chris came in and made them look new again. It really was a miracle. He used a special treatment that got rid of the pet stains and smell. I couldn’t believe it. He stands by his work and is very fair. He just does very good work.”
— Diana C., Brazoria

“Excellent, excellent and excellent. I absolutely can’t say enough about how dependable and good Chris is. I’ve been in business for many years and have tried many different companies and products. When Chris says he’ll be here, he’s here. He even works around special hours. And he does an excellent job. I really can’t enough about him. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.”
— Catherine A., Beach Resort Services, Surfside

“C&M Carpets has done my residence and my business. I recently moved into a new residence and he’s cleaned there too. Chris is very prompt and warranties all of his work. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to call him now because it’s time to have another cleaning.”
— Kim B., Bail Bonds, Angleton

“He does a very good job and is technically into how to clean a carpet properly. We handle a lot of houses in my business and when there’s a water emergency he gets there immediately. And in the case of water, time is extremely important. Chris is very professional and I think the world of him.”
— Charles C., American Realty, Lake Jackson

“He’s a really nice guy and does a very good job. I’ve used him forever — I believe as long as he’s been in business. He’s always punctual and just does an excellent job. I’ve never needed to try anyone else.”
— Craig P., Dairy Mart, Sweeny

“Chris provides excellent service and is very accommodating. He’s cleaned our carpets, upholstery, chairs. In fact, he’s done our entire sanctuary. We’ve used him for five or six years now.”
— Melody M., First Assembly of God, Brazoria

“He’s been with us for the past 15 years and always does an excellent job. When we point something out he always takes care of it and if he’s running behind he always calls and lets us know. What more can be said? He just provides an outstanding service.”
— Adam S., Diamond S Restaurant, Brazoria

“We’ve used C&M Carpets for the past two or three years and they always do an excellent job. Every six months they come out and clean our day care and always does a good job of cleaning our carpets.”
— Natalie M., Lake Jackson Child Care Center, Lake Jackson

“Chris does a very good job. He does a very clean and accurate job. I’ve even called at the last minute and he’s always found a way to work me into his schedule. We’ve been using him for three or four years and we’ve always been impressed.”
— Verna B., Rangen, Inc., Angleton

“Chris has cleaned our personal home and he’s very professional and polite. He’s very efficient and is in and out in no time at all. This was my first time to use him and I was very pleased. I will be using his services again in the future.”
— Lisa B., Ballard Builders, Angleton

“Chris at C&M Carpets is very easy to work with and worked within our schedule. We needed a cleaning for a special meeting and he worked his schedule around to accommodate us. He’s very good and very professional. I was very impressed with him and will be using him again.”
— Judy F., Texas Gulf Bank, Clute

“I’ve used Chris twice and he’s always done a good job. He cleaned my carpets and wool area rug. I will be using him again.”
— Donna H., Lake Jackson

Larry at Euneek Painting said: "We found Chris to be very conscientious about his work, always making our floor coverings look like new. Although he says to call him if anything is not done to our satisfaction, we've never had to call him. He's on time, friendly and efficient. What more do you need?"

"He's been here probably a half dozen times. We have a lot of kid traffic in and out of the house," says Jim Miller of Lake J.. "Chris has always been professional and considerate, and he always looks to go the extra mile. And he does it at a reasonable price."

"We have a contract with Chris for him to do our hallways, apartments & common areas at the Carriage Inn", says Doug B., Mgr. "The residents seem to be very pleased. We receive excellent service and if there ever is anything that needs to be re-done, he comes right back and does whatever is needed."

Betsy C., Lake Jackson..."He's been coming to my house for eight years now. My husband was ill during some of those times and there were extra duties involved. Chris was a peach about it and always did beyond what was needed. I would even trust him in my home when I'm not there."

Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Y.
comments, "He's a very thorough and efficient carpet cleaner. I've used him several times now and he always does a fine job."

Rose W. has been a regular customer for years. She uses Chris to perform a full cleaning on her house and business, Swift Courier Service. "He does a terrific job," she said. "We've used him for several years and he does a fantastic job. He also guarantees that if something goes wrong in 30 days that he will come back out right away. He's just a really good carpet cleaner."

"We've done business with Chris Jones and C&M Carpet Cleaning for many years now, and he is such a professional in the way he handles his business. He's not only very, very professional, he also does an outstanding job. We've been very pleased with his service.
— Kathy H., Lake Jackson
Beautiful Bedroom With Carpet
"Outstanding! I really had prepared myself for carpet replacement - and then came C & M Carpet Cleaning in the form of Chris Jones, owner, operator and carpet wizard," Ranette said. "From Andrea who runs the office and does so much more than keep everything on an even keel to Chris Jones, this is an amazing duo to work with. I could not be more tickled with the results."

Sara Ottinger
of Richwood had Chris perform a full cleaning on her home. "It was the best cleaning we've ever had done on our carpet," she said. "He took a lot of extra time to get the stains out." Sara also added that she would recommend Chris and the C & M Carpet Cleaning team to potential customers.
Sandra R. appreciated how C & M Carpet went the extra mile when the company cleaned the carpets throughout her Lake Jackson home. "I was really happy with the service Chris provided," she said. "He was even able to get red stains out of my carpet. And I was impressed by his certifications. He also gave me a lot of information and explained a lot to me. He even showed me how to spot-clean my carpets, and he didn't have to do that."

David M., owner of Computron USA, Inc., in Lake Jackson, was also impressed with the work that C & M Carpet Cleaning did in his home. "I have never seen anybody as professional and knowledgeable as Chris," he said. "I was impressed with the way he handled himself, his professionalism. This guy is a true professional, and you don't have the pleasure of meeting someone like that very often. I have a lot of respect for him."

Vivian B., owner of Columbia Property Specialist in West Columbia, wouldn't dream of letting anyone but C & M Carpet Cleaning touch her carpets. "Chris has cleaned the carpets in any number of houses I was either selling or managing," she said. "He really manages to get stains out, including those that are extremely difficult." She also depends on C & M Carpet Cleaning to clean her own Columbia Lakes home twice a year. "What I like about Chris is that he is sincere about wanting to do a good job," she said. "He is cheerful, pleasant to be around, and extremely honest. Quite frankly, if you wanted to play the word-association game and you said 'carpet,' I would say 'Chris Jones.'"

Colleen S. praised C & M Carpet for the "excellent" work they did at her Sweeny home. "He did part of the job and then had me examine the difference between the two. I was very impressed with how clean it was. He guaranteed his work and gave me suggestions on how to keep it clean and what to use to prevent more stains. He was very pleasant and personable, and I would recommend him to anybody," she added.

Keith W. was very pleased with the performance of C & M Carpet Cleaning, which cleaned carpets throughout his Lake Jackson home. "They did a great job. He was there when he told me he was going to be there, he explained the process and did the measurements, and we agreed upon a price," Keith recalled. "He was very easy to do business with and was very courteous. I would recommend him very much."

A Richwood customer with a large family was equally satisfied when C & M Carpet Cleaning cleaned the light-colored Berber carpets throughout her home. "He was very professional," she said. "He did a much better job than the person who had cleaned them before." She was also pleased that she knew upfront what the job would cost and that Chris wanted her to be totally satisfied with the results before she paid for it. "He just did a really good job. I would recommend him," she said.

Roger H., owner of Hammons & Sons Jewelers, enlisted C & M Carpet Cleaning to clean the carpets in his Lake Jackson showroom. "Chris made our carpet shine almost as bright as our diamonds," Roger said. "The next time I need to have our carpets cleaned, you can bet your rubies I will call him again. Commercial carpet takes so much more wear, so you can imagine the kind of results they can deliver in a home."

Rhonda O. of Lake Jackson has C & M Carpet clean the carpets in her home every three months for five years now. "Chris is excellent," she said. "I have 'almost-white' carpets and four girls. Every time he finishes a job, spots never come back. Chris is very courteous, just a real nice person. I would recommend him to anyone."

Richard D. of Angleton is equally satisfied with the quality of work C & M Carpet Cleaning has done both in his home and at his place of employment. The Diegelmans had called another company to remove a tea stain from the center of the light-tan-colored carpet in their living room. When the stain returned the next day, the couple called the company back to remove it. The stain returned again, and the Diegelmans then turned to Chris to successfully rid the carpet of the stain. Since then, C&M has cleaned the carpets in the Diegelman home. "The carpet looked brand new when they were finished," Richard said. "They also called me the next day to see if I was satisfied with everything and I liked that."

When two friends independently recommended C & M Carpet Cleaning to Sue H., RMT, she contacted Chris to clean the carpets in the Lake Jackson office she shares with two other massage therapists. In addition to a large volume of foot traffic, the carpet had stains caused by oils, candle wax, and a sticky glue where an electric cord had been anchored with duct tape. "I was impressed and well-satisfied," Sue said. "When I walked in and saw that carpet, IT LOOKED BRAND NEW. He is very knowledgeable about all kinds of stains. What I also like about Chris is that he's not afraid to share his knowledge with others. He knows there is plenty of work out there and is willing to be of some help by teaching others in the industry. He's real OPEN AND HONEST."

Sherre G. had a similar experience. "I really felt that they knew what they were doing," said Sherre, who had carpets cleaned throughout her Lake Jackson home. "And I felt very confident about going off and leaving the crew in my house." Sherre was also impressed with the detailed estimate Chris presented her before the job was agreed upon. "The PRICE WAS REASONABLE and I felt like I GOT A LOT FOR MY MONEY," she added. "They did an excellent job. My carpets look like new."

Pam and Gary M. have relied on C & M Carpet Cleaning for many years now to clean their commercial carpets at the Diamond S Restaurant in Brazoria. "Chris does a real good job, his quality is consistent, and he is very conscientious and concerned about the kind of job he is doing," Pam said. "This is a reflection on our business. We want to keep our carpets clean, and after Chris cleans them, they look brand new."

Claire C., an interior designer in Lake Jackson, wouldn't recommend anyone but C & M Carpet Cleaning to her clients. She even had Chris clean her own carpets so she could see exactly what kind of work he did. "I needed to see his work and know what he was doing, and I was very happy with the results," she recalled. "I had always just replaced my carpet before, and this was the first time I ever had one cleaned. It looked so wonderful it didn't need to be replaced. This is the longest I have ever kept a carpet, and it's 8 1/2 years old now. I have not had one complaint from any client whose home he's ever gone in. He does what he says he's going to do. He talks with the homeowner and analyzes every spot before he ever gets started."

Claudia L., president of the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Alliance, describes Chris as an "excellent carpet cleaner who stays ahead of technical issues in the industry. He is very reliable, very professional and very knowledgeable."

Carol M.
of Brazoria describes the company's quality of work as "wonderful." Carol was appalled after another company had cleaned her "almost white" carpets. She could actually wipe dirt from the newly "cleaned" carpets. That was enough to make her call C & M. "After Chris cleaned my carpets, he did the same thing I had done with a white towel," Carol said. "There was no brown (dirt) on the towel at all. He has done my carpets maybe five times now. And when they come clean my carpets, they are clean."

Jan A. called C & M Carpet Cleaning to the rescue after rental property the Alfords own in Sweeny was vacated with badly stained carpets. "Chris was able to get out a bunch of stains we were worried about," she said. "He went over everything at the beginning and asked me to show him if there was anything special we wanted done. He was very professional and very efficient, and we were just real pleased."

Billy J., owner of Jenn's Furniture, relies on C & M Carpet Cleaning to clean upholstered furniture soiled in shipping. "The best thing about it is he'll come and look at it and if he cannot clean it, he'll tell you. That's the best part," Jann said. "And he won't charge you when he does that. Some people will come out and they'll try to clean it. And if they don't, they'll still charge you. That's why we use him. And whenever someone calls and tells us they have a stain, we always refer them to him.

A previous encounter with another carpet cleaning company had left an "oily, nasty residue" on Kristine Hoffman's carpet. The carpet not only remained wet for three days, but it also began to mildew. Now only C & M Carpet Cleaning does her carpets. "Chris has cleaned my carpet three years in a row now," she said. "I just can't say enough. When Chris does it, it smells clean and it feels clean. He's just conscientious. He works to make it look nice for you. I wouldn't have anybody else clean my carpet and I've recommended him to my friends.
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